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ID Forum : A word from the founders

“In an increasingly global and non-territorial digital economy, the individual becomes a reference entity that should be recognised, promoted and supported. Digital identity allows the organisation of data and the appropriation of technologies to support the rights and actions of people in today’s society.
The identity is transformed by the double mutation of the states and the economic stakeholders. The companies’ services are being more and more influenced by new practices of identification and authentication. They alone assure the right interlocutor and the appropriate personalization of services.
For the users, a digital identity chosen in confidence also guarantees better control over the use of their data. Identity is at the core of the digital world. Through its technological development and its plural models of construction and adoption, identity gives everyone of us new opportunities to be recognised, to fulfil oneself and to act in an environment where physical and digital spheres blend together.”

Guy de FelcourtConsultant in digital identification and data management


“In the emerging countries that develop modern civil status based on biometric data; in the countries with no civil status that meet the needs of the connected economy through devices that utilise online available data; in the European countries driven by the Union, which took many innovative initiatives (eIDAS, GDPR, digital identity card); and in the world of connected objects that also need to identify themselves.
A new market is thus appearing, measured in billions of Euros and growing at a double-digit rate as the needs in identification are immense in a global digital economy. Few economic sectors can afford not to consider carefully these questions.
The ID FORUM is meant to be the meeting place of supply and demand regarding identification, a place where the most modern technologies can be discovered, where the expectations of the buyers will be determined and expressed, where the anticipation of normative development will be sought and where we will try to identity the big changes to come, without avoiding the difficult questions.”

André ViauPresident of ARES audit

“For several years, the European reference meeting for cybersecurity – the FIC – has been held in Lille in January. Thanks to you, it has become increasingly successful.
We would like to open it to another reality: the digital identity, an essential feature for the global society and the digital economy. Therefore, we are happy to announce the launch of a new FIC complementary event: the ID FORUM.
We will be delighted to welcome you there next January.”

General Watin-AugouardFIC Founder
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